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Online dating is on the rise, even more so for the LGBTQ+ community. In a tale as old as time, it continues to be extremely hard to find other queer people to date in many parts of the world. That, and the rising international LGBTQ+ population which wants to date internationally, has made dating apps the place to be for queer dating.

Even though there are already a variety of useful and safe dating apps which include all sexualities and genders, and are inclusive for both queer and straight people, some apps and websites, some of them even years old, are exclusive queer safe spaces.

These websites serve as closed spaces for a marginalized community, and allow people from all over the world to have a chance to fall in love freely, in a place that supports them and is catered to them.

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Online gay dating on TransAmor

But more specifically, dating as a gay man can be hard. The trope of every gay man knowing each other sometimes is more of a reality than a trope, and the only way to find some fresh faces is to go on these apps. But there are more advantages to online dating than just broadening your dating pool.

Firstly, it takes off some of the nerves. A first date will always be an unnerving experience, at least before it happens, but even more so, a blind date can be truly terrifying. Being set up by a friend, at least for most people, does not usually go well. You would think that this happened with online dating too, but something about the ability to pick and choose so selectively from thousands of profiles, allows you to be picky and specific enough to only choose those who you really are attracted to.

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When it comes to dating online and locally, things are just like you would imagine. You match, chat, and if you like each other: arrange a date and go out. Easy enough, right? And yet, nerves always betray us on first dates, questions like will he look like he does on his profile pics?, "will he be as funny as he was on chat?, run through our mind constantly.

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But great features in various apps, such as TransAmor, a LGBTQ+ dating website, allow you to somehow prepare, and meet the person face to face before the big first date. The new videochat feature allows you to meet that person you are interested in before even having to meet them in person. This is a plus if you are just beginning to date online and are really nervous to face one of those "first date nightmares".

Creating a profile on TransAmor

Actually, contributing to eliminating that fear of catfishes and people who lie on their profiles, TransAmor takes time to evaluate each profile and icon before listing it in the list of candidates. This makes the app safer and more secure for its users.

The process of making a profile is very detailed, and ensures that you are only presented with the people with whom you have a higher compatibility. When you set up your profile for TransAmor, you will be asked about your gender, sexuality and other personal information like ethnicity, nationality and physical build. On top of that, some information about your habits and hobbies, and you will be presented with the space to make a bio, tell the other people something about yourself.

After that, you will be able to choose what type of relationship you´re looking for, and your preferences: whether you want to date women, men, trans women or men or nonbinary people. And also, all the other preferences and hobbies that you chose from before. For example, if you want someone who doesn't smoke or drink, and whose favorite activities are dwelling in nature and reading.

These ultra-specific requirements and characteristics will help you find the right person that fits what you want at that time. Moreover, this ensures, or at least helps with, compatibility. Although in person and, as some people like to say, "real life", you may not be able to pick and choose which characteristics you want for your significant other; but that is part of the beauty of online dating.

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Find gay men that really match you

Compatibility is not assured but much more likely, as you are able to "filter" some of the aspects that you may consider "red flags", and only be left with those that you know you would rather date.

Moreover, a dating app is a great place to transit the beginning of the discovery of your sexuality. As the app allows a "friendship" option, you will be able to befriend and talk to people who have gone, or are going through, the same as you. Talking to gay people who are already out will help you discover more about yourself and your sexuality, and it promises to be an enriching experience, as you will be able to learn from their stories and continue building your own.

As we mentioned before, many people consider online dating as "fake" or "not real life", but the reality is that nowadays most people that you can meet in real life, or at a bar, are also signed up to one or another dating app. So, although the meet cute or sweet story you can tell your friends after you meet will commonly not be there, the kind of people you will be able to meet usually will be the same.

Also, these kinds of apps allow you to date internationally, which is something more and more people are looking for nowadays. No longer is your dating pool specific to your own city, state or country, but open to every country in the world; the only limit being language. Yet, after setting language preferences you may be able to meet a dreamy Italian or French man that satiates all of your rom-com dreams.

TransAmor: dating app for gay relationship

Gay profile.

Even if you are not looking for a serious-from-day-one relationship, you can still transit TransAmor and find what you are looking for. As aforementioned, when you put in your preferences and the type of relationships you are looking for, four options will appear: dating, friendship, relationship and "whatever". So whatever your comfort level is for dating or connecting with someone on a dating app, you can ensure that they are in the same place as you.

Also, a very well-known and cool feature of the website is the tinder-like swipe, in which you are able to like or dislike a person based on your preference, and which allows you to match if both of you are interested. This is especially good for people that like some kind of "confirmation" of others liking them, and who are not comfortable taking the lead and sending the first message if they don´t know the other person is interested too

We have discussed international dating, but if you're trans and looking for something local, and live in either the Gay dating United States, Canada, Australia, the UK, Netherlands, Philippines or Thailand, more specific articles and features are available at the end of the page.

Dating as a gay man and also as a queer person can be a struggle, as we have seen. But new technologies and ways to meet people and enter relationships are changing and evolving beautifully every day. As numbers of profiles rise, and more men become aware of these apps and their usefulness, there are more and more eligible bachelors who are just as eager as you to meet their future significant other.

Gay dating app TransAmor to find love

Although not the traditional method, dating apps have helped many people find love, as Manuela said in his review of the app "TransAmor helped me find my current partner. I had signed up for many different dating apps but didn't find any of them as easy to use and with as many ways to filter matches as TransAmor".

With TransAmor you will be able to find whatever you are looking for: whether it is a hookup, a date, a friend with benefits, or the actual love of your life. Gay dating has never been more easier and fun! In this website they are committed to level the playing field for LGBTQ+ people and make it easier for them to find love and the person of their dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is TransAmor the best gay dating app?

TransAmor is the best dating app for gay men because we only focus on relationships. Many other gay dating apps focus on casual contacts or the social aspect. We understand that it can be difficult for gay men to find a real relationship. And with those reasons in mind, we have developed the best gay dating app

There are many gay dating apps, why TransAmor?

in difficult times, finding and meeting other like-minded single men looking for other men is a challenge. TransAmor distinguishes itself from all other gay dating apps by its simplicity and user-friendliness.

TransAmor is also a free dating site for all gay singles. For example, you can send and read messages for free and there is even the option of video chatting.

In what language is TransAmor available?

Thanks to the internet and the fact that our gay dating app is available through the Apple Store and Google Play, we have an international reach. TransAmor is available in Spanish, German, Portuguese, French and Dutch. On our gay dating site or in our gay dating app it is easy to switch language. So it's easy to select the language of your choice.

What about security on TransAmor?

We at TransAmor understand that safety and security are paramount to our LGBTQ members. We keep our dating site updated and use the latest security systems to create a safe and above all reliable dating environment for all LGBTQ members.

Thanks in part to our safety systems and the manual profile check, you can rest assured about your safety on TransAmor. We are committed to protecting you and our systems from cybercriminals. And unlike other free gay dating sites, we will never disclose or sell your information to another party.

Is TransAmor a free gay dating site, or do I need to pay?

Our gay dating app is completely free to download and use for all gay men and other members of the LGBTQ community. Our approach is that dating should be fun, safe and free. So you can use our app and send and read messages for free, even with just a Free membership!

There is also an option to extend your free membership with premium features to get the most out of your dating experience. With Premium membership unlocked you can make video calls with other gay singles, among other things. Your chances of finding a nice friendship or finding a suitable partner are greatly increased.