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How TS & LGBTQ+ Dating works on TransAmor

1. The focus is on you

The focus is all on you here at TransAmor. We are focusing on you to match you with a perfect and suitable Trans women / trans men or gay partner of your dreams.

2. Make an account fill-in your profile

Take destiny in your own hand and search for your life-time partner today. Make a 100% FREE account and fill-in your profile by answering a few personal details and by adding a description about yourself and what you are seeking. You can also add interest to personalize your account.

3. Search for interesting members

All the members are available right after you completed your profile. This means that you can look for an interesting partner that caught your eye from the beginning you joined.

Share us a minute to tell more about yourself

Just when you joined TransAmor you will be asked to answer a few questions in order to complete your profile

Some of those questions are personal and some other questions to give your potential matches a good impression about yourself.

You enter your first name, information about your interests and hobbies and what you are looking for in a partner: age, height, interests, etc.

Then you write a few lines about yourself, what you love and what you would like to share with someone else. Be positive and don't forget to present yourself as someone who is eager to meet other people.

Finally, add a photo of yourself.

Choose a photo that shows who you are, what your interests and lifestyle are. And of course you want to look as good as possible, so go for a smile!

Once you've done that, your profile is complete! Through TransAmor you can meet over Trans & Gay singles in several ways.

TransAmor TS dating app

TransAmor Gay dating app

Take your faith into your own hands

By answering the questions and by adding personal interests to your profile that helps us put together your personality profile that shows the best side of you.

The more questions you answering and more interests you added to your profile, gives a detailed and unique view of yourself, so that your potential matches get a good first impression of you.

Making an account and answering the profile fields is the first step towards finding a transgender & gay partner for long-term relationship. A good personal profile is formulated positively (believe in yourself!) but it honestly reflects who you are. If you imagine yourself to be different from what you really are, you will not only be disappointed later on, but the wrong people will come to you.

Matching: Not too narrow, not too wide

Don't look too "narrow" and don't be guided too much by photos. Sometimes an opposite pole is your ideal partner or someone you don't find very handsome, for example, turns out to be irresistibly witty. So trust your intuition in addition to the match computer.

TS & LGBTQ Dating app with an easy to use layout

One of the many things that makes TransAmor so unique - and the best TS & LGBTQ+ dating app on the market - is an easy to use layout. When creating our dating app, we had one thing in mind - The user experience is the most important and comes first! From signing up to complete your profile to perform a search and make the first contact, everything has been designed to give our members the best possible TS & Gay dating experience ever.

Designed for your safety

TransAmor is a safe way to meet people online. Our team reviews every profile and photo, and you can block or report anyone you're not comfortable with. You can also always let us know if something seems wrong. We are ready to help you meet real Transgender and Gay singles in a fun way. That is what we do!

Gay dating app

The best Transgender & LGBTQ+ Dating App

Founded in 2021, TransAmor quickly became quickly popular among transwomen / transman and gay singles who are looking for a relationship. We have years of experience in bringing together people from the LGBTQ+ community together for love, romance, dating and long-term relationships.

And we are proud to report that we have since received many success stories from members who have found their happiness and love through our site.

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