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Dating ladyboys in Thailand - Date Thai Transwomen

As well as helping you find a beautiful ladyboy to date, TransAmor.com also aims to help you understand what being Trans is all about. We have years of experience and know all there is to know about Ladyboys in Thailand and the rest of Asia.

Ladyboy Cabaret shows in Thailand are world famous

We do not only give you information about dating ladyboys. No, we go further than that. Sure, our mission at TransAmor.com is primarily to link you up with the Ladyboy of your dreams. However, we believe that it important to know as much as you can about the background and experiences of Trans women in general. And especially about the Ladyboy who may one day become your wife.

So, we often share some insights into the lives of Ladyboys or T-girls in Asian countries. Give you examples of the ways they live or how they overcome obstacles they face. Or celebrate their successes in the entertainment arena, such as in beauty pageants or the world famous Thai Ladyboy cabaret shows.

If you are one of the multitude of foreign men from all over the world who are actively seeking to find and date a ladyboy from Thailand, you must have heard about some of the spectacular Ladyboy cabaret shows held every day in Thailand.

But, apart from the fact that these shows have numerous, seriously attractive Ladyboys dancing, singing and presenting a great show for locals and tourist alike, what else do you know about such shows?

You can say that the origins of these fantastic Ladyboy shows lie at a local level. Thai people love to be entertained. Whether it be TV shows, soap operas, movies or live entertainment in shopping centres, or restaurants, there will always be an audience. A very popular event is beauty pageants, often held at temple fairs or at cultural events held at certain Thai festivals such as at New Year.

ladyboys cabaret thailand

From local pageants to international cabaret shows

Somewhere along the way, beauty pageants became a very popular form of entertainment for the local populace. None more so than pageants with well-known Ladyboys competing. This is especially true as many Ladyboys in Thailand can present as very beautiful women. Many of whom, being slightly taller than the average Thai woman, have the figures and looks to be outstanding.

Some beauty pageants have contestants as young as 8 or 9 and it is widely accepted that young boys will dress as girls and sing and dance at such events. Not all of such boys are Transgender, mind you. Some are heterosexual, but many are young, fledgling, gay boys looking to find their gender identity and sexuality.

Again, somewhere along the way, there was a quantum leap and Ladyboy cabaret shows were introduced mainly in tourist areas such as Bangkok, Pattaya (especially) and Phuket. The evolution of such cabaret shows from simple beginnings on a wooden stage in a rural, village to what they are today has been quite astounding.

A modern Ladyboy cabaret show hosted by one of the big players in the market such Tiffany or Simon is a fully choreographed, spectacular show with professional lighting and amazing dresses and costumes. And, of course the stars of the shows, internationally known Ladyboys from all over Thailand. Indeed, some of the cabaret venues have been purpose built, have revolving stages and can seat over 1000 people. Often there are three shows per day, including a late afternoon matinee, and most times almost all seats are fully occupied.

Cabaret shows have wide appeal

To the surprise of many, it is not only tourists who flock to see such Ladyboy cabaret shows to admire the grace and femininity of the participants. Many locals venture to Pattaya or Phuket to enjoy these cabaret shows which, by local standards, are not cheap to watch.

Tourist from all over the world come to see these spectacular shows and be amazed at just how someone who started life with the designation "male" can be so feminine and alluring. Tourists queue up to have photographs with and get the autographs of the biggest stars. As you can imagine, there is a huge industry behind such cabaret shows. Dress makers, photographers, lighting specialists, marketing people and, of course, lucrative rights to televise or broadcast some of the most professional shows. Then there are the Ladyboy beauty pageants hosted by, for example Tiffany, which are an adjunct to the shows and have gained international recognition and praise.

In fact, such is the fame of these Ladyboy shows than mainly people see Thailand as synonymous with Ladyboys!

Thai ladyboy cabaret

The Ladyboy performers

But what of the Ladyboys who perform nightly? Well, most of the ladies in the shows start performing as female in local cabaret shows then gravitate towards the bigger cities where there are more tourists and better venues. For the top Ladyboys, the career can be very lucrative but also very short.

Many Ladyboys who perform get high salaries, great (monetary) tips from tourists and, more often than not, a foreign boyfriend or husband. Sometimes, the Ladyboys will find a partner by using dating sites such as TransAmor but sometimes foreign male tourists fall in love with them there and then at the show!

Yet their careers on stage are very short and usually range from about age 17 to 26 or 27. Why? Well, there are always new Transgender beauties coming through from the provinces and, so, to be one of the star performers means that competition is fierce, very fierce.

Thai Ladyboys dating on TransAmor

If you don't have the chance to get to see one of the spectacular Ladyboy shows and meet a Ladyboy that way, console yourself by looking for a Transgender beauty to date on TransAmor.com; we have plenty of choices!